Please note that from January 1, 2023, tariffs for the services of a customs representative and compensation for the organization of storage of goods at temporary storage warehouses will change. Tariffs are posted on the website


The basic rules of customs clearance

Dear Clients!

     We'd like to draw your attention to the fact that all goods transported across the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be subject to mandatory customs clearance in the manner and under the conditions stipulated by the customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan..

Our advantages


  1. DHL is the integrated provider of services for the transportation and customs clearance
  2. Additional services provided by DHL allow to minimize client participation in the process of customs clearance
  3. DHL as the customs representative shall pay customs duties and charges for the customer
  4. Customs coordinators of DHL are always ready to provide information support and help in solving complex problems in customs clearance
  5. The ability to perform customs clearance in the Kazakhstan cities of Almaty and Atyrau


  Information for individuals Goods less 1000 Euro or 31 kg

  Information for individuals Goods more 1000 Euro or 31 kg