Please note that from January 1, 2023, tariffs for the services of a customs representative and compensation for the organization of storage of goods at temporary storage warehouses will change. Tariffs are posted on the website

Goods > 1000 Euro or 31 kg

Dear Clients of DHL Company,  


By the decision of the EEC Council No. 35 dated from March 17, 2022 established amendments to the Decision of the EEC Council No. 107 on certain issues related to goods for personal use: From March 31, 2022 to October 1, 2022 the limit of duty-free import of goods by individuals for personal use has been increased to 1,000 euros. According to the Resolution of the Eurasian Economic Commission No.107, starting January 1, 2020 the below uniform duty and tax rates shall be applied to any goods imported for personal use in excess of the limits set:

15% for goods in excess of the cost established

2 Euro per kg for goods in excess of the weight established

Information for individuals whose goods are in excess of the limits set

If you received the goods via DHL Express and the goods received include any goods for personal use that exceed 1000 Euros (per consignment) or 31 kg (per consignment), then you have to declare the goods to the customs authorities and pay the customs duties. You can do this using DHL Express (our experts will prepare and fill out any documents needed, submit them to the customs authorities and deliver the goods to your address), any other customs clearance specialists or by yourself.


Customs Processing Guide for Individuals Using Customs Application Order for Almaty

Customs Processing Guide for Individuals Using Customs Application Order for Astana

 Customs Processing Guide for Individuals Using Customs Application Order for Atyrau

 If you decide to employ the DHL’s services, you shall:


1.     Conclude an AGREEMENT with DHL (Download .pdf)

The provision of the BIN (Business Identification Number) of the recipient's tax authority is mandatory. The list of tax authorities - SRD (State Revenue Department) with their BIN are located by the following links

You need to know the district of your registration (officially registered district of residence, which can be checked in your personal account on the e-government website - in order to find the State Revenue Department and BIN by the district.


2. Print it out and sign it

3. Prepare the below documents

ID card (for non-resident: a copy of consignee’s passport, registration certificate with IIN (individual identification number), visa)


- Obligation (Download obligation for Astana)

                    (Download obligation for Almaty)

                    (Download obligation for Atyrau)


- Confirmation of payment for the goods to a seller (a screenshot of E-banking statement for your card or a statement of your bank account including your full name and the amount paid, see a form enclosed) is mandatory.  (download the form for Kaspi Bank / Halyk Bank )

- the executed agreement with DHL (Items 1-2)


You can calculate the approximate customs clearing cost by yourself. To do this, just do a few simple mathematical operations:

- If you have an excess in value:

1) Convert the cost of the goods to KZT

2) Subtract from the resulting cost of the goods the equivalent of 1000 Euros in KZT

3) Divide the resulting amount by one hundred and multiply by 15


The formula applied is: (X - 1000 Euro in equivalent to KZT)/100 * 15, where X is the cost of your goods excluding any transport costs in KZT

The amount calculated as above is a customs clearance cost.


- If you have an excess in weight:

1) Subtract 31 kg from the gross weight

2) Multiply the resulting value by 2 Euros and convert to KZT

The amount calculated as above is a customs clearance cost.

Compare the resulting cost and weight values. The greater of the values is the amount to be paid for customs clearing purposes.


The costs of the services by a DHL’s customs clearance specialist are as follows:


Almaty/ Astana


for customs clearance

18000 тенге

18000 тенге

for invoice translation.

2500 тенге

2500 тенге

10% of the customs duty or 800 KZT whichever is greater.



If the resulting amount is fine with you and the documents are ready, you can send them by e-mail to

Almaty and other city:


Atyrau and Aktau:

Be sure to include your consignment number (DHL waybill number) in the subject of the letter, otherwise we will not be able to identify your consignment and the letter may remain unanswered.