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As the result of COVID-19 quarantine operations and mandatory reduction of working hours for both customs authorities and DHL, the customs processing time for personal use goods increases to 4-5 business days from a date of submission of necessary documents and payment for customs brokerage and mandatory state duties.
Please note that for optimization purposes of the work processes, any customs processing requests from individuals, should be addressed to the below emails:
For passenger customs declarations and payment of 3500 KZT: p.customs@dhl.com
For oversize/overvalue goods or goods not for personal use: keden@dhl.com
Please, notice that the storage period for the goods in the temporary storage warehouse is 4 months and DHL does not charge for storing the goods for personal use. During the period of escalated quarantine operations, please, refrain from visiting the customs terminal.
Thank you for your understanding.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones !
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